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You, Miles Away

Cave Street

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This was the first track I wrote during the RPM sessions for 2012. It’s one of those RPM “demos” that I took down about three months ago with the intention of re-recording it. I haven’t done anything in all that time, and I figured this can be a place holder until I finally get around to it. This song actually has more words than appear on this recording…

The astute listener will notice that the latter part of this track (miles away) appeared on our submitted 2012 RPM album – remixed & renamed as “Vele Mijlen Weg Van Hier.”


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Dirty Spirits said

reminds me of of long long long off the white album. your sonics are very creative. im now getting into the floydy parts. post 5:00 very cool.

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Tipu said

Like the progressions, very Zeuhl.

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Tipu said

Man, wish I could sing that breezily

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Lord Sluk said


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Johnny Stone said

Nice one mate very cool.

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