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A Ghost On Every Corner

Colleen Dillon

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Glad to get some inspiration from new friends and an old video of Jackson Browne’s speech accepting his induction into the rock and roll hall of fame…. As usual a first draft and a rough cut, but glad to be feeling the muse again…


I was wandering around
Down in that little town
Where we always used to go
When someone up ahead
Sort of looked like you and then
My heart skipped two beats, maybe more

A ghost on every corner
A shadow in every town
How am I supposed to love again?
When these memories keep hanging round
I tried to lock them in a box
But they echo off the canyons in my heart
Time to say goodbye to the what if’s and the why’s
These ghosts are just not welcome anymore

I keep trying to settle down
Ask new friends to come around
But my heart’s still bleeding from inside
I wish that when you’d gone
Your voice had gone along
Now it’s the one my heart still must abide


I wonder if you think of me
In that place I cannot go
Your goodbye sure did hurt me and I cried
I thought we’d walk together far
But now I guess I know
It’s hard to breathe when my heart has died

REPEAT CHORUS and 2x last two lines

© 2018 Colleen Dillon All Rights Reserved

pharmakeus's avatar
pharmakeus said

I think I was wrong. It is a ukulele?

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pharmakeus said

Really good mandolin playing. Also great tuneful singing with a beautiful voice. Good song w/ strong melody

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Greg Connor said

Wow! This is beautiful! Outstanding Colleen .... well done.

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Ron said

Amazing lyrics Colleen!! I love to hear your rough cuts,gives a great insight to writing and how a song starts...outstanding as usual!!

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pharmakeus said

Beautiful voice, well pitched and tuneful. Nice song. I like the ukulele :)

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