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Between The Twilight And The Dawn

Colleen Dillon

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Well it’s been awhile for me. Busy summer and a bit of creative block all around. I’m happy to share a song I wrote this weekend to reflect on how tough change can be when you’re in the midst of it. So many in my life are in the midst of personal changes.

I’d surely welcome any feedback on this really rough home recording. Thanks in advance for listening!

Between The Twilight And The Dawn

All my boxes are packed
Nothing left to decide
Toss it, give it, move it
All these things that shape our lives
The hardest are the ones that don’t fit well in a box
The hearts we’ve touched, the souls we’ve loved
Our memories that change can’t stop

I got here the hard way
Dragging up the straps of my boots
I earned this bit of freedom
And now I get to choose
Looking back at the hard days
After paying all my dues
It might be time
To slow down
And put this life on cruise

It seems I find myself at a fork in the road
Go back, or move forward
which way should I go?

Why do I struggle if it’s time to move on?
It’s hard to see the difference
Between the twilight and the dawn
Why do I struggle when it’s time to move on?
It’s just hard to see the difference
Between the twilight and the dawn

I guess it might be difficult
All change has some of that
Worry over nothing,
Hindsight will tell you that
No one ever dies from picking up
and moving on
So shoulders back, chin up now
And take your strength from this song

© 2017 Colleen Dillon All Rights Reserved

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James Michael Taylor said

About COLORS: With all this talk of harassment I'm reluctant.

James Michael Taylor's avatar
James Michael Taylor said

"It’s hard to see the difference Between the twilight and the dawn." What a perfect picture! ...and the person I wrote COLORS for has never heard the song. Do you think I should tell her about it?

Guest said

beautiful & coming from someone who works the graveyard shift ...I relate to the contrast of the difference

kavin.'s avatar
kavin. said

Thanks. This is beautiful, welcome back. I've been thinking about that difference a lot lately.

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slkrell said

Yeah that's you doing good. Everyone likes that minor chord on the lyric Dawn, I do too its so memorable

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Paul Lisney said

A nice melody and good lyrics. Your style and voice remind me of Judy Collins!

Ron's avatar
Ron said

Beautiful! love the chorus

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Matt Ferrara said

This is just lovely

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Jason H. Austin said


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The Proods said

It seems like it's been forever. I'm being redundant, but I really love the simplicity of these compositions. Unadulterated music.

Guest said

Oh yeah! Nice chord change on "dawn". Perfect lilting song. Sounds great up here on the North Shore.

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Reefwalker said

The Euk is like Ear candy. Great vox/lyrics too Colleen

Guest said

sweet, real, authentic, sincere, resonant. Thanks for sharing this.

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