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Taking Back What's Mine

Colleen Dillon

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Here’s a recent one written down in the islands. Trying out my new Seagull acoustic on this and a few other things… Hope you like it, even though is still rough.

© 2016 Colleen Dillon All Rights Reserved

Sea birds flying overhead
Fishes down below
I’ve gone south to chill a spell
Its time to just let go
Pelicans still dive for fish
Clouds still bring their brew
It’s time to hit the water
And float away these blues

My feet are in the water
My chair is in recline
I don’t think I’ll be missing you
I’m taking back what’s mine
I’m taking back what’s mine

I’m sipping cold mojitos
With strangers all around
Trying to hit the reset
On the love that came unwound
Don Henley’s in the background
His message hard but true
He’s singing about forgiveness
And that’s what I’m going to do


Sometimes you can try your best
Your love couldn’t be more true
But you just can’t turn two to one
When that one’s not meant for you

Let go of all those memories
They won’t do me any good
I tried to make you see me
But you didn’t think you could
It’s time to say hello again
To someone else that’s new
Time to take my heart back
From the one I thought I knew


MemphisMaiden's avatar
MemphisMaiden said


Nick P's avatar
Nick P said

Very nice!

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handturkey said

This song puts me right on a beach. Great theme and imagery...and is that a 6-string? Nothing better for a tropical song than a seagul:)

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Johnny Stone said

Top track dig it

Guest said

Great lyrics Colleen!! the chorus and congrats on your new Seagull my Seagull Cameo Artist model is my go to acoustic

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Bethan Mathis said

Very pretty folk song and a clever chorus. Nice song writing gal!

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Greg Connor said

Well ... I tried to log in on my iPhone and learned that I am only a guest. Rita and I listened to *"Taking Back What's Mine"* over a Bluetooth speaker in the living room this morning and as I said in the previous "Guest" message, lots of emotion and imagery! I'm impressed with your guitar playing and the tone from your new guitar too. Very nice!

Guest said

Fantastic song! Lots of emotion in there and imagery. I especially liked "my feet are in the water, my chair is in recline . . . Taking back what's mine" Great sounding new guitar , by the way! I think I hear a kettle drum in there too. Nice touch!

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slkrell said

Hi,Colleen. Mojitos will fix these moments and plenty of sun. It's the island cure........

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Gary Fox said

I like the sound of this, I can almost hear the beach. Great number!

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