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Trading All My Nevers w/Gary Talbott

Colleen Dillon

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Fellow alone toner Gary Talbott kindly volunteered to add some of his own vocals and strings to this song, so I gladly took him up on it. Fun to keep evolving this one. Thanks Gary!

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Greg Connor said

You got the magic! Still *Kicking Ass* this morning.

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Sister Savage said

Magical additions! What wonderful synergy!

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Greg Connor said

I finally got a chance to listen to this on some decent speakers. Nice going guys! It just bounces along with great vocal, harmony, and instrumental accents.

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Andrew Russe said

... cool additions on this version.

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Ron said

Another outstanding collaboration Colleen great tune!!

Guest said

Ditto to Greg's comments!

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Greg Connor said

Another excellent version! Great song, and Gary really spiced it up!

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