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Alarm is the first instalment on our demo, to really kick it off with a bang!

Guest said

Ohhh Yeah!

lgh's avatar
lgh said

Over the top and flying free... Great rocker! LG

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kirklynch said

Damn- that kicks ass!

Guest said

Awesome energy - great drive - powerhouse girl vox! Kicks serious butt!

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Endicott Road said

Listened to all your tracks and I must say I was blown away. Love the lyrics, the guitar, and most of all the angst in the lead vocals. ER

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Movement To Contact said

Okay, I need to check out the next track, stuck on this one.

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Movement To Contact said

Love it!!!

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another cultural landslide said

Holy crap! Totally kicks ass!

Guest said

the bass sounds like something you would find on a Sublime album, sounds like No Doubt mid 90's ska stuff