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An electric monk is a device which believes in things for you so you don’t have to (Dirk Gently). This is a quick little rif.

Guest said

This is cool - too short! But very cool.

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Dave Berry said

very interesting cool sounds here, kinda surprising in a good way

Guest said

Dig the funky bit at the end!

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J dY Stamp said

nice device!

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Wildgeas Music said

Where can I get one of these monks? I believe it will work for me :)

Guest said


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creeper said

I see we share a taste for noise. I dig the opening midi/key rhythm. Thanks for the advice. I'm still working on the mix for layering noise on "Side Effects". check back in a couple of weeks and it should be cleaned up.

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kirklynch said

Love those fuzzed out guitars man!!

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dougsparling said


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Sudara said

This is one minute of awesomeness. Great sounds. I'm happy you got a chance to go for the 24 hour album, I'm throwing this up on the feature page shortly!

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