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My24 - Human Racing (No Solo)


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This is the first real attempt at recording this properly and its got some way to go. It needs a guitar solo and vocoders and so on. But this is some of what I did in my 24 hour slot. I battled with my vocoders and lost :(

Guest said

Would love to hear something new from you! Fantastic song-writing and dreamy arrangements.

Guest said

OOOoo, "Join your hand in mine" "Mine" nice note! Class!

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Wildgeas Music said

I was captured by 10 seconds. Cool song.

Guest said

dad say something about hawaii.. don't let Makaha lie in the sands of time xx love L and A

Guest said

I'm absolutely amazed by the quality of song-writing and the wonderful full sounds you guys have achieved during the 24 projects. On one hand it's inspiring, but it's also kind of daunting!

Guest said

Yep, what she said - some very cool ideas here and I love the change of mood at around 3.50. Lyrics are great!

Guest said

No, you didn't lose. This has the makings of a great song, wonderful lyrics and feel.

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