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Starting Again (with Sudara)


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Sudara sent me a guitar piece he was working on… So I added a song. And it didn’t turn out at all as I expected.

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Sister Savage said

Ah, a favourite from yesterdecade! So glad I found you again.

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Message She Gave said

awesome sound.

Guest said

what a beaut! Illegal Alien Autopsy

Guest said

this is really beautiful and sombre!

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Dave Berry said

Thats what I like. Harmonica sounds great. This is fragile and beautiful. Then it changes. This is exhilarating stuff.

Guest said

Your version is magical because you sound so genuine and lonesome. I think that's what attracted me to it in the first place. Lovely!

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richardlaceves said

very nice, you have a nice touch with the words/music/story.. nice work you two

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guitarsoldier said

Nice Guitar!

Guest said

You have the enviable quality of meaning what you are saying/singing. Lovely guitar too and harmonica.

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Lalo Oceja said

guitar and harmonic is a good combination

Guest said

wonderful dad x i think i shall put mine on now !! and get Lilly to do the same xxxx to you all love L and A

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glu said

enjoying this one of yours childhoodsend. all these familial collabs inspires!

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Sudara said

Hey cool! I was just playing this tune the last couple days thinking about you. A nice mix of words, singing, harmonica, and electric guitar...

Guest said

This works very well. Dreamy guitar - and cool, clear vocals (and I love that talkover bit! Recently I've been trying to use spoken word in a song or two but it never sounds right).

Guest said

Oh, this is very pretty. Interesting how it changes in the middle, Talking bit nice too.

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