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your 4x4 is my four post bed/ the ruffles and patterns really effed up yer head/in a world of strip malls and choreographed tv brawls/ we grow like a wayward chia/ im so happy to see ya/ the texting is no touching/ and heavy petting means no munching/ cause every bacteria virus alike/ leaves us fearful of licking the mic/ pick your nose/ and not your friends/myspace pix clique is the surface therein/ode to the joy lends to ode to the me/community lacks/ theres no we or a sea/ no sea means no water/ and then where would we be? a desert all cactus and pears prickly be/ our dance is our masterblaster/ shake it but dont get plastered/ the xxx is gone astray/ ashtray, parkay, oakland hills bay baybaybaybay

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