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This is a track I started on the ferry over to Wales for a little holiday a couple of weeks back.

  • Drums are from Ableton Suite’s Session Drums
  • Bassline is an patch I created in Live’s Analog synth
  • Guitar is me playing through Guitar Rig 3 with the 800 Stack HB preset
  • Bowed Piano is a sample set from Soniccouture
  • The “sparkles” are an Operator preset fed through FabFilter Timeless
  • Gating effect is CamelSpace
Guest said

very effective what might seem like some cool wabba guitars...dig it.

Guest said

muy bien!

Guest said

Nice work!!

 ShamPain's avatar
ShamPain said

hey thanks for the kind words on more flakey, pleased that you liked it

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ic42 said

dark waves lap at the ferry as it makes its way in the mist. there is no turning back. the choice was made, the passage bought. the ferryman's permanent smile is unnerving. it is hoped to get across this murky river as soon as possible. still, it seems a familiar name... river styx, river styx... i can no longer remember. 0x0

Guest said

Very cool, Chris! You should visit Wales more often (only give me more notice next time, haha)!

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glu said

Yeah! This one is great! Might be my fave from your uploads.

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Mr Sandbags said

This one turned out awesome.. it all fit together beautifully in the end :)

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mmi said

Good stuff! Like the contrast between the dark bass and the "happy" guitar.

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