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Ghosts Come Home

Clean Vikings

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The vocals are hard tohear cause it was recorded badly…

I feel like getting drunk
I dont feel its gonna get better
I’ve tied my hands to my back and its done
Nobodys in the mood for summer

I think the ghosts have come home

Done it before and know what comes after
It feels real good when you leave it alone
The harder you try it comes at you faster
Its been a long time since I’ve been stoned

I think the ghosts have come home

You think you lost them
The trails gone cold
You sleep in the eye of a revolver
You aint changed at all

Its always the way

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Dillon Wager said

I could see what I could whip up haha and, I loooove Crystal Castles. I like this song, but gotta say, I like MurderQroger and Lets Get Outta Here far more. :)

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laupaneex said

I like your songs, they are nice to listen to. Reminds me a bit of My Morning Jacket. I like the muddled nature of the lyrics, it's almost as if they can be whatever one wants them to be. nice rhythmic, hypnotizing, shaman guitar too.

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Tim Bond said

Love the intimate quality of your voice

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evilstreetcars said

very nice

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thetworegs said

great vocal love the backing its gloomyness

lgh's avatar
lgh said

I like this alot! Unique style you've got there.... Kinda sucks you right in.... Bravo LG

Clean Vikings's avatar
Clean Vikings said

Shew... Thanks!Just one of those spur of the moment songs that bubble up.

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crackitopen said

really like this...even the vocals are appropriately if ghosts....excellent song!

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