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The Woohoo Song

Can you tell this was the final song I wrote for the challenge?

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Mr Sandbags said

Coming back to this I still love it. Wish I could favourite it again.

How you doin?

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brando said

That many full out songs! My head would have exploded. A very impressive list, my cowboy hat is off to you.
Also, this song lived up to my all my hopes and expectations from the title. Great work.

Guest said

Well done, Colin! It was a pleasure sync-ing with you …

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another cultural landslide said

Woohoo…kicking ass!

Guest said

Were do I get my Co.G tee?

Love it love it love it!


Dig this one…Your voice is so cool…

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AMUC said

(ROFL) I’m jealous. This actually sounds good.

(Was that one of the requirements of the 24 hour challenge? Oops - missed that one.)

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Mr Sandbags said

This one’s brilliant. Your whole 24hrs album is really a fantastic achievement!