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Chequamegon Bay

Greg Connor

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This is a story about the Ojibwa migration to Chequamegon Bay area in Wisconsin. Inspired by a vision, the Anishinabeg (Original People) or Anishinabe (Refering to One Person) migrated west to where the food grew on the water (wild rice) and fish and game were plentiful.

Go west toward the sunset to Chequamegon Bay
With wild rice and fish for Anishinabe
It had been foreseen find a new home and stay 
Where food grows on the water, the vision showed the way
Shoreline gives way to Chequamegon Bay
And the sun shines like diamonds on the waves
I’m filled with wonder with every season change
Food grows on the water the vision showed the way
The French trapped the fur the English cut the trees
The land was lost to others with the White Pine Treaty
In the name of progress the Brownstone was quarried
Where food grows on the water, the vision showed the way
Change is always constant but the vision stays the same
Go west toward the sunset, make a home, Chequamegon Bay

Guest said

I loved the opening chords. You are a "Story Teller" with you music. I could see the sunshine like diamonds on the waves as you sang the chorus. Your music comes from your heart. Amazing lyrics.

EstudioChispa's avatar
EstudioChispa said

Well done!

tilden's avatar
tilden said

Well-crafted song and production. Good job Greg!

Colleen Dillon's avatar
Colleen Dillon said

This is really poignant. Such heartfelt storytelling. I feel like it should be the soundtrack to a Ken Burns movie. Just excellent all around! Instant fav!,!

oldfolks2's avatar
oldfolks2 said

That's great Greg, what a Tapestry you weaved through words and music.

Andrew Russe's avatar
Andrew Russe said

Oh yes. Love the pictures you're painting in my mind.

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