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Crazy People

Greg Connor

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Crazy people, wander round all night
Looking toward the Heavens
At little specs of light
Dragging round their telescopes
And Binoculars
All the tools they need to gaze among the stars

Crazy people, look at what they do
Deprive themselves from sleep
To enjoy the view
And they will tell you, if you do it right
You will have yourself an Earthly delight

And Venus is closer than their families
And Saturn is considered their best friend
Universal life is what they’re living
And the party just never seems to end

Crazy people, living life on top
Until the clouds come rolling in
To make them stop
But they just wait, for clearer skies
And those crazy things they do aren’t compromised

Guest said

This is so fine ,Greg. Guys with pointy heads love this tune.I love this tune.= I am a pointy head. Logic 101

Guest said

Like it

Mike Grunert's avatar
Mike Grunert said

Like the words. I should play banjo again, haven't in a long time.

josephbrown's avatar
josephbrown said

loving that classic song writing style @Greg Conner

johnbee's avatar
johnbee said

Love the laid back approach. Great lyrics! John B.

G-no's avatar
G-no said

When you look up at the night sky from where you live does the milky way burn bright. Clusters of stars glowing from time that passed us by. Are there certain crisp, clear, windless nights, the moon hanging on the dark side and every star seemed just a little brighter then before. As far as you could see there was shimmering light flickering from the faintest and most distant stars. I try to imagine what the night sky would have looked like 30,000 years ago or a million years. How much more did stars shine before we were here. Before electricity people probably paid more attention to the night skies

02bfree's avatar
02bfree said

Stargazing does have a way of putting things in perspective.

terrysongs's avatar
terrysongs said

If your head is in the syars, your hearts in thr right place.(smile)

Guest said

One of my offspring is a keen astronomer, with a huge telescope. She is also extremely knowledgeable on the subject. Don't know about your title there, but absolutely love the song and the music is gorgeous.

Ron's avatar
Ron said

Crazy People.....did you write that about me? I represent that!!!! another it

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