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Flyers // with Video

Greg Connor

Uploaded .

Dedicated to the pastime of watching birds.

YouTube video attached:

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kirklynch said

Beautiful stuff there! The whistle is a really nice touch. Nice vid too

terrysongs's avatar
terrysongs said

I love me some Greg Connor music in the morning.

Robert Palomo's avatar
Robert Palomo said

My mom was an avid bird watcher. The clip of the cardinal finch reminded me of her... it was her favorite of favorite birds.

Guest said

This a beautiful track that Waltz time is so refreashing . Faved

Guest said

Sweet banjo , guitar , Irish Whistle. Masterful arrangement

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Dillon Wager said

This song makes me smile :) nice work. beautiful song, Greg.

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igor said

~Music To Watch The Birds Go By~

Ron's avatar
Ron said

don't you ever get tired of being so damn creative and great? love it my friend!!!

Movement To Contact's avatar
Movement To Contact said

Very nice playing. Very much enjoyed that.

Nosda Cariad's avatar
Nosda Cariad said

That was relaxing and the video is pretty cool.

02bfree's avatar
02bfree said

Nice production.

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