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I played this song at the Minnesota Association of Songwriters last month and asked them to critique it.

They said it had too many chord changes.

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Robert Palomo said

Uhm, right. That explains why James Taylor was such a flop.

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Raimondi Custom Guitars said

Sweet song Greg ;)

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slkrell said

The Sun is shining tru the hole in my heart. I am lucky to be old and grey. Don't ask a song writer to critique anything, they may not have found a day job yet!!!! Great writing I like it

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Ron said

beautiful song beautiful mandolin ...I love the chord changes ..I guess you scared them!!! this is one of your best

Guest said

I kept xpecting it to urn out to be a dream. But hat would be mysong, wouldn’ it.

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Colleen Dillon said

Pretty mandolin. This is another one of my favorites of yours. I bet there are a few in that group might even tell Eric Clapton that his chords need to be simpler...this is lovely

Guest said

I really like the lyric sentiment.

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