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Sacred Place

Greg Connor

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Fresh breeze on Lake Superior
And waves collide with the shore
The sailor must be watching
For gusting wind we can’t ignore

Loose the main, correct the healing
Point the bow to the wind
Recognize the peaceful feeling
In this sacred place we’re in

On a reach we’re nearing hull speed
And the spray soaks us good
This fine day, we will remember
Our good fortune understood

Sailing on Lake Superior
And the boat is underway

© 2020 Gregory A Connor All Rights reserved

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Colleen Dillon said

I agree with Ron... you’ve caught that Lighfoot spirit. An ode to the great Gitche Gami. So beautiful. An instant fav - legit

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slkrell said

Love the box of tricks Ok sailor you did it you turned time around. Jibe oh matey

Ron's avatar
Ron said

I like this a lot..has a Gordon Lightfoot feel to it...also maybe a little Irish folk sound as well...Excellent

Andrew Russe's avatar
Andrew Russe said

LOVE those sounds.

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