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Snow On The Pumpkins

Greg Connor

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When there’s C snow on the G pumpkins
Autumn leaves have all D gone
And the C geese are all G flying
Cause it’s time to move D on
When there’s C snow on the G pumpkins
We’ll sit by the Em fire
We’ll C talk about our dreams, our D hope and G desire

D Gray days are calling, it’s C just around the G bend
D Here comes the winter, with that C cold chilly G wind
And Em day light gets shorter, but C evenings grow D long
The C wood fire G crackles to the D tune of this G song

D Winter lasts forever, or C that’s the way it G seems
D A time for reflection to C lose ourselves in G dreams
The Em wood stove brings comfort C from the winter D storms
Till C wild flowers G bloom and D sunny days get G warm

Am C D

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slkrell said

Good leads on the new box, I enjoyed this one

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oldfolks2 said

A cracker Greg ....... as always ..... : )

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Ron said

"When the snow is on the pumpkin it's time for dicky dunkin" Sorry, your song just reminded me that I tell that to Suzanne every fall!!....seriously though, another great tune from you, love what you are playing in the background.

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Colleen Dillon said

Simply lovely!

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