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“SUNDAY” is one of 11 songs based loosely on an article:
“Pope Francis - 10 Tips to Happiness”.

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Johnny Stone said

Nice picking

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dreischl said

nice Greg...keep up the good work

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Colleen Dillon said

Yay!!!! Love this one Greg. Sorry it took me a bet to give it a good listen. Congrats on creating and producing this album. It's a fantastic work of art!

Guest said

Nice lyrics and music. :) c

Guest said

Super tight acoustic string band, nicely mixed!

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Ron said

Nice very pleasing melody and vocals all round magic!! you wrote a folk/rock opera? Simple Gestures....too cool odd;y enough my band is working on an "Americana" opera about the civil war .. 13 songs ranging from blues to country to rock called The Ballad of Billy Joe Hurley..will post when recording is finished

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