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When Your Roots Can't Seem To Hold You

Greg Connor

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Inspired by a huge Cottonwood tree I found washed up along the Mississippi River near Red Wing MN.

D When your roots can’t seem to hold you When you’re A footing falls away
Your D left to feel unstable With the A change that’s underway
It’s G often hard to D handle When fate just G intervenes
And D leaves you all but shattered and A left with broken D dreams

D When your roots can’t seem to hold you and you’re A life just drifts and wains
You D find you’re at the mercy of a A force you can’t explain
And G You become the D victim of some divergent G plan
you D find yourself out of control and A you don’t D understand

A Maybe it’s some kind of D calling that A points to a lofty D goal
A A watchful D intervention to Bm take your A very G soul
It’s A painful to D imagine but A try as hard as you D can
When your Bm roots can’t A seem to G hold you and you’re A drifting away
G Drifting away from what you had D planned

D When your roots can’t seem to hold you and you A find you’re on your own
You D got no friends around you no A place that you call home
The G ground beneath you D crumbles and let’s you drift G away
To D find yourself way downstream to A spend your final D days

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tilden said

The songwiting is typically excellent and your production chops are better with every release. Great job!

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oldfolks2 said

A real gem ....

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Colleen Dillon said

Wow!!! Your lyrics just slay!!!! This is one of my favorites for sure.

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Ron said

Nice to hear some new material!! Great lyrics...and as always outstanding vocals. Love the bluesy harmonica!

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