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Wish Upon The Morning Light

Greg Connor

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Snow on the ground. Wind and temperatures below zero. It’s time for another coffee table evening.

Recorded live around my coffee table with:

Mark Lofgren - Lead Guitar & Harmony
Colleen Dillon- Ukelele & Harmony
Greg Connor - Lead Vocal and Guitar

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James Michael Taylor said

No, I never wrote the song, but always thought I would begin the song with the sound of my 12 guage shotgun as I open the action. Gunshots and clapping are very hard to record. But there are plenty of places to go grab a sample.

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James Michael Taylor said

You commented on my song I KEEP MY RADIO ON. You also added, "I once had someone call me selling a security system. I told them “I don’t need it.” They will only come in here once." Did you write that song?

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slkrell said

must be something in the coffee to fuel such a fine song.

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Bethan Mathis said

Lovely, lovely! Nice one guys"

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Johnny Stone said

Really nice mate

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Nick P said

Just beautiful. Well done.

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ckgabrielle said

Very Pretty. You all are really becoming pros. :) c

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Ron said

Another coffee table masterpiece!! guys rock....great feel to this one

Guest said

Such a pretty and relaxing song.thanks for sharing it Greg! Makes it a little warmer:)

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Kitty Cat Kim & Sweet Baby Kenny said

Another wonderful song!

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