Greg Connor

Greg Connor

from the Sunny Side of the Street. . . Savage MN

About "Your Tattoo Says "Randy""

This song is in response to the song writting challenge offered by Carl Unbehaun of Minnesota HomeBrew Radio / Thief River Falls, MN

“Write a song about a Crazy X Girlfriend”

G A friend said he saw you in a C compromised way
With a G guy known as Randy who was D having his G way
With the one that I love, It C just makes me G cry
I sit here and wonder, I D ask myself G why

You Been seeing this guy and C I never G knew
I would have done anything to D hold on to G you
You made me smile on a C sunny G day
But now the clouds just D wont go G away

Your C tattoo says Randy G that’s not my name
You Em never come home and you C drive me D insane
My C heart is still trying to G make sense of C you
Your G tattoo says Randy, D I got the G blues

Just Em head down to TJ’s and C have me a G beer
Em Sing them my story, C make myself D clear
I G haven’t done nothin’ to C take this from G you
Your tattoo says Randy, and D I got the G blues

G You took my car and C I want it G back
All I got left is D your lousy G cat
Stacked up with bills from your C credit card G debt
And G I haven’t seen the D worst of it G yet

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