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Second side opener by Martin fox
This chord progression came to me in a pre-rpm jam and we instantly nailed the feel. The words came easy too. Another five piece number. The words are about my loved ones i have lost and my feelings about our time together.

Guest said

How many guitar-layers are you using fro this song? Damn, the sound quality is top-notch on this! awesome.

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Gene Eric Mann said

Trippy! Very cool vocals. A colorful, groovy combination of sounds. Tasty and fuzzy -- I dig music I can see, taste and feel. Rock on!

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I really like the tempo on this tune. Vocals are spot on and I'm digging the chord progression. Enjoyed!

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A Bit More Better Productions said

fucking excellent!!!! Loves a strong word. Genuinely LOVE it. Crazy Horse would have been proud of this.

Guest said

Inspiring... I'm gonna have to visit Sweet Ol' Mary soon. ~CW

Guest said

Thanks for the tunes. sounds good , pk.

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