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The flute on this piece is done by a very gifted flute player by the name of Melinda Eckels. You will hear Melinda on any of the songs where I use flute. Her abilities have spoiled me so, that I can never use keyboard or my limited flute skills ever again for my songs. I miss playing with her on a regular basis because every time she played it was always a little bit different and yet always appropriate. I was just as entertained as the audience listening to her.

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This Caveman's Fire said

You found my soft spot, mmm celtic music!

Guest said

A really beautiful song

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Teddy Gould said

Nice, nice, flute is beautiful Viva

Guest said


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Dave Berry said

Fantastic piece, very good stuff.

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iconoclast said

very nice. A pleasure to experience.

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another cultural landslide said


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