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Addictive Smile


This is a piece of happy, dancy synth music. It is kind of old school, so much so in fact that it actually features a genuine vintage analog synthesizer - a Roland JX-8P.

Updated 29/3/2010

Minor update 31/3/2010

Updated 5/4/2010

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Guest said

Sick !

Guest said

fucking nice

Guest said

Love it! Melody is so natural…

JX-8P for president!

Guest said

Really dig the hook, reminds me of Soviet, which is a total compliment. I too think some nice pop vocals would really round out this track. >8^D … keep up the great work

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Cave Street said

What a great track! Reminiscent of the popular synth music of my teenage years… except much better!

Guest said

Very cool. The JX-8P is my favorite synth. The song reminds me of the music from the old Nintendo game Ninja Gaiden. That game had the coolest music!

Guest said

Well done, I really enjoyed the track, makes me wish I still had my JX8P, keep up the good work.
Please keep posting links to your work on Rolandxanalogs, I, for one, would certainly buy an album of your work.

Guest said

Hooray for the JX8P! Definitely one of my favorite analogs. Nice work.

Guest said

Vintage synth froth! Love it!

Guest said

JX sounds great Daniel. Like the drum sound also. Find a young female to sing on it and its charted…

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