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26th Failed Attempt

David Marcouillier

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A song about the futility of trying to really express yourself…especially to someone you want to impress…

26th Failed Attempt:

When I sat down here tonight and I decided I would write
a love song to explain to you why I feel the way I do
all my words came out all wrong the first 25 times that I tried
and the papers all hit the floor before the ink had time to dry.

And I still don’t have it down the way I want for it to sound.
The melody is just alright but still I kind of like the tune.
No it’ll never sell a million, babe, but it’s the best that I can do
so here’s my 26th failed attempt to write a love song for you:

I love your hair
and I love your eyes.
Most of all I love myself
down between your thighs.
Everything about you
and everything that you do
just makes me fall repeatedly in love
with you…

©2009 D. Marcouillier

Guest said

SORRY TO COMMENT TWICE ON the same song....this is really great. One of those songs that has soul.

Guest said

I like how you interpret this phenomenon into music...

Guest said

Love the smooth ending with the layered vocals. Very lovely.

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