Derek Dibbern

Derek Dibbern

from Lincoln, United States

About "Planet Ground"

It’s become a kind of Anthem for me.
This song (obviously) inspired the name of an earlier incarnation of my musical performance art project which went by the name of “Planet Ground and the Cloud of Unknowing” . Jon Appleget and I explored the Multiverse of improvised musical magic many times with this number. Also, It was a favorite of the New Jersey contingent known as “Lincoln the Chain”. Originally an ecstatic poem set to a single drum, the middle eastern Tar and was performedin public for the first time in 1996 to a remarkable crowd in New Orleans for Insomniacathon. Whats it about? You tell me!
Recorded Live at The Bourbon Theatre in Lincoln, NE on 11/27/13
Recorded, mixed & mastered by Metal Sean of DreamPro

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