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This is something a little different from my norm is a few ways. Granted, I’m new here, so you’ll have to take my word for it until I’ve got more material uploaded :)

First, it’s a song I started with the intention of releasing it for round 71 of the Soundevotion Competition; I joined up a little too late and missed the deadline, but kept to the compo rules anyway and finished up two days later. I rarely bother with competitions because I tend to work too slowly…heh.

Second, it’s a break in my usual style. No distortion, no band-passed drumkits, a few melodies, some real progressions (nothing too complicated, but still a change).

Third, it’s my first song using my new favorite music editor, Renoise. I’m actually working on the next SD Compo round, so it should be available here soon as well.

Fourth, I’ve learned that ‘fourth’ is spelled with a ‘u’.

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