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Back to the Old Haus (Smiths cover)


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Got a guitar for my birthday… I have been trying to learn how to play it. This is a cover of an old Smiths song I tried to tackle for Lesson 10 “Finger Picking.”

12.10.2013: rerecorded at slightly faster tempo; added small amount of distortion on the low end.

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Wrinkled Shirt said

It’s been a while my friend. Good to have you back. I need to re-listen to a lot of your stuff.

Guest said

Thanks for the comments D!

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Justin Otter Guy said

I never mastered finger picking, and I don't even try to fake it. Just not that coordinated. You're doing it right. Very pretty. Rock on!

Guest said

I love how brave you Icelanders are.

Guest said

Quite like this!

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Movement To Contact said

Djoruitar! :) Awesome! Sounds pretty damn good already!

Guest said

really terrific!

Guest said

pretty cool

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Djörk said

thanks everyone for the listens :) I might try and re-record it this weekend and see if I can play it a little faster.

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kavin. said

Very nice, you have a good head start.

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mmi said

Wow, well done!

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richardlaceves said

agree, you have lesson down to the max nicely done

Guest said

good version

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Nosda Cariad said

Well done! I think you got lesson 10 covered now :) - Nice cover too

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