It’s actually a redo of one of my earlier songs. I changed the lyrics a bit, the title and rerecorded the whole thing. The original is called, “I’ve Changed.”

I’ve got a really painful head cold right now. I thought between bouts of pain I would finish the mix and submit this thing!

Hope you enjoy!

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Dave Berry said

Nice driving rhythm, I like the vocals, deep and doubled to either side like that. This is deadly stuff.

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K. SCOT SPARKS 79+intercessions said

‘like the crunchy peanut butter guitfiddle texture, man; yeah

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Uncle said

Thanks, man! I’ve been too busy this spring. I’ll get to some of your stuff asap! Peace!

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kirklynch said

You had me on this one from the opening drum groove. Love the Head cold vocals! Those atmospheric almost disturbing background lines are just too cool!

Guest said

Ooh check YOU out! Mmmmmm!

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