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While my wife and I were travelling back down the coast of California (near Big Sur) from a vacation around New Years, we stopped at a turnout over a cliff, and took a bunch of video of at least 15 California Condors, flying and hanging out on the guard rail, not 15 feet from us! These amazing birds, once almost extinct in the wild, are now being re-introduced on the west coast. When full-grown, they can have a 10-foot wingspan, the largest land-birds in North America. I have about 15 minutes of amazing video of them in flight, or sunning themselves in the trees, or ambling around looking at the growing crowd of people, who are stopping to look at them in return. I am hoping that despite their apparent lack of fear of people, they remain safe.

Due to lots of interest, I have edited down the condor video and have posted it on YouTube for all to see, go here to watch and read a little write-up of the trip (

As part of the ending credits, I needed a quickie “Condor” theme, so I whipped this up. It is supposed to evoke Peruvian/Bolivian style folk music.

** Updated Nov. 2009 - I have re-edited the video and added more information, updated the music, added a zoom-in map, etc.

Guest said

How lovely, it has all the flavour of your wonderful video of the Condors. Delightful!

drakonis's avatar
drakonis said

FYI - I just updated the accompanying video with this music, much better edits, much more information in the video, etc. Hope you enjoy it!

kirklynch's avatar
kirklynch said

Another one that I had missed the video for. Very interesting and the music is lovely!

Lalo Oceja's avatar
Lalo Oceja said

nice tempo!

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Elena said

Very interesting music and beautiful birds in flight on video

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Don Blackburn said

The music fits the film wonderfully. You really get the feeling that these are visitors from a european country. You must have been delighted to come across these birds. I love that whole area from Big Sur to Monterey. Thanks for showing us so much beauty both music and film.

SISTERS's avatar

oh! lovely, sweet voicings from the flutes, cool gtr sound - very delicate, yet strong. gorgeous sounds from another land - glad i heard your offering, eduard. nicely done. sis

markholbrook's avatar
markholbrook said

Drak you are kicking ass!!! Hee Hee

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jiguma said

Hi Eduard - fancy seeing you here :) Lovely real-sounding instruments. Reminiscent of Fasching in Munich when we lived there - it seems that Peruvian music/bands were all the rage that year. You've reflected the warm but staccato feel of Andean music so well. A little too much movement between channels for me, but very effective none the less. Cheers, Neil

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another cultural landslide said

Soooooo beautiful!

Piscean Dream Band's avatar
Piscean Dream Band said

Very intricate composition. Great sounds! Bring up the bass a little bit. The bottom end seems under represented.

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markholbrook said

Hello Mr. Drak! Very very cool!

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