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Good Soldier (Inst Ruff Boy Mix)

Drop D

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Aside from the drum machine, this is a fully vintage analog take on what the young whipper snappers these days are calling “dub-step.” The distorted guitar sound is actually fret-less bass (as is the case with all my tracks because I only own one fret-less bass and an old vintage analog keyboard). This particular track is the pre-vocal rough-mix. I just need to get off my butt and mix my first attempt at vocals for this.

Oh…and on the trivia side…this started as bass-playing physical therapy for two injured hands due to a freak accident. My right palm had been pierced straight through stigmata-style, but was healing fine…and my left fretting hand I later found out was not just merely bruised but had a split 1st metacarpal bone and shattered first knuckle of the index finger. Had I known that…this song would not exist.

Guest said

Fantastic track!

Guest said

Smooth and crunchy! Digging the light ska feel. Looking forward to hearing the vocal version.

Guest said

Fret-less bass sounds nice. I like the build up on all ends.

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Drop D said

Back to my Dub routine.

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