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Greek Mourning

Drop D

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An experiment in minimalism ala 2004 inspired by the likes of Muslim Gauze. Dumped a Korg ES-1 drum track into Nuendo…cut it up…then added a sample of an ancient Greek song of Mourning…cut that sucker up too…and this is the result. I did a lot of stuff like this with real tape and razor-blades back in the day…this is my first go at digital cut and splice fun. If anyone wants to add their thing to this, and un-minimal-ize it…feel free! Download…add your business…and put it up here!

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Brett Warren said

woah, this is awesome. Probably my favorite of yours so far.

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Vestigial Remorse said

Awesome track, your style reminds me a lot of Trent Reznor

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Norm said

Awesome drum track! :)

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Drop D said

...this is open to collaboration if anybody wants to add anything. Let me know.

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Movement To Contact said

Very Cool, great to see new tracks from you!

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