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Monster Stomper

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Okay…so Godzilla comes to YOUR town and wants to get funky. What does it sound like?

When I first came to Japan, there was a time when I spent three months homeless and living out of a coin-locker at Shibuya station. Eventually, I got out of that situation. I’ve always had my bass though. One day in about the year 2000 a friend gave me a four-track cassette recorder he found sitting on a dumpster in the street. I took it back to my first apartment, plugged in a Korg drum-machine which was on loan from another musician friend, and went to work on a silly drum track and added some back-masked fret-less bass-lines…something I had always wanted to do…later…I dumped that into Nuendo on my mac and added a silly synth patch so Godzilla could feel the funk.

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Elusive Gene said


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thetworegs said

this must be what's known as Monster Funk......excellent beat.......that bass is sure chewing it up....

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Norm said

What a story! I agree with Chicken on the excellent base. Ok, uncle. What is the drum track?

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Drop D said

...if anyone recognizes the drum track...let me know. :D

Guest said

Hell yeah!

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Mike Grunert said

Nice bass playing!

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