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Drop D

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This is just a bit of silly fun I had one day with a four-track cassette recorder…about 9 years ago (yup…another lost find fro the racks). Just blowin’ off some steam on a day off in my little apartment of Tokyo. On first listen-back…it reminded me of some of the riffs we did in the brass section for pep-band in High-School back in the 80’s.

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beetle said

Love the bassine in this one D. I released a new dubstep jam i would like for you to hear.

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kavin. said

Funky cool. King Crimsonish, in a way.

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vaisvil said

love the FM synth sounding lines!

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Movement To Contact said

Killer bass lines working here

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Tharek Ali Mokbul said

This has a Real Urban Feel! Superb work fitting all those separate riffs in into this! Reminds me of the old Arcade Cabinets I used to play growing up.

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kirklynch said

Great fun!

Guest said

Caffeinated boogie! Cool and crunchy sounds, D!

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