Chompin on a broccoli stalk
Mouth full I can’t talk

Good thing that I can’t speak
Open mouth my brain might leak

Sittin round a bottomless pit
Thought I’d hang around a bit

Spit my bubblegum on down
Never hit never made a sound

Got a football in my hair
Got a bald head I don’t care

Brushin off my favorite hat
Scrunch it up an’ pound it flat

Drivin’ round in ol woodlyn
Runnin over a bobby pin

Can’t remember where I go
On an mission I don’t know

Lookin over everything
Try to find a way to sing

Make it up an write it down
Wondering how it will sound

Eat another broccoli
A vegtable monstrosity

Feel a little better now
A little greener anyhow

Gotta hang it up sometime
Runnin out of decent rhyme

Make it up and write it down
Wondrin’ how it will sound

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