Standing in the center of the lonely universe
look around and realize it could be worse

Focusing now upon a single galaxy
a little spiral one as cute as it could be

A billion stars are there, spinning all around
Arranged in arms just like an octupus I found

Flying by each other never even meet
I think I spotted one that seems a little neat

Magnify the space and look into the places
See a little closer getting some exposure
Resolution finer information miner
Going in deep to see what we can see

Magnification has been steadily progressed
Observe a yellow star that’s better than the rest

It’s big enough to have a decent gravity
Orbiting planets are just big enough to see

The little planets are all lined up in a row
A few are little some are bigger as you know

Focus now upon the third one from the sun
It’s blue and green and white and might be kinda fun


Diving down below the covering of clouds
I see the continents with greenery endowed

Covered over with a multitude of folks
Sharing life sharing love and sharing jokes

Over seven billion of these people now exist
Many have a living space that will persist

Inside a yellow house beside a bluish car
We see little man playing a guitar


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