Yes, I’m learning about “The Circle of Fifths”. Decided to blow some Harmonica again.

I finally realized what I been doing wrong all these years
But everything I say to myself goes in one and out the other ear

My mouth keeps movin’ on but I can’t hear a thing I’m sayin
I got lots of options here but my choice I still am weighin

And the sound that I’m hearing
is the argument in my mind
which will still be going on for all time

I finally codified the philosophy of my life
despite the inconsistencies with which it’s rife

I thought by putting it all into a single song
Would let me figure out if it’s right or if its wrong

But it seems not so simple
Especially when I’m dumb
Having trouble with walking and chewing gum

Try to keep it simple for the simple things that I like
Like playing video games watch TV and ride my bike

Keep my options open, as long as they are few
Making big decisions is a thing I hate to do

Maybe on a monday
I’ll finally figure out
My suspicions tending to a doubt

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