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The Devil When I'm Not


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This song started off as a dream, and I was miles away from a guitar and any sort of recording device when it came together in my head. Somehow I was able to recall it and put it together into a song. This song includes my first attempt at slide guitar ever, so go easy on me.

you blow the horn all night’n all day
traffic bad on the big highway

You’re needin your anxiety pills
Fall behind on your monthly bills

don’t know where you’re goin today
lose your money casino play
job is bad and you got the flu
everything else is leading to

your breakdown

I’m givin all the people what they want
And you might be the devil when I’m not

Turnin on the evening news
That aint no way of curin the blues

Changin channel as fast as you can
you got no life you got no plan

got no time alarm bell rings
go to the store and buy some things
it dont make you happy it makes you sad
one step closer to another bad


I’m …

Wondrin bout the point of it all
wandering round the breakdown mall

see the people same as you
Just diffrent hair and a new tattoo

Spiral down the life to the grave
nothing but a glorified slave
striking back nothing to hit
sliding downward bit by bit

To breakdown I’m…

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