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Heading From The Sky


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So my lovely wife bought me a guitar this week… I started by learning some basic and easy chord shapes and this song came together. It’s the first one I’ve done where everything is played by me.

It also features my voice on lead and backing vocals… I had some lyrics in my head which I wanted to put to music - I don’t have a microphone here with me so I sang into my iPhone and did some heavy EQ-ing and tidying up of the sound files

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Andrew Russe said

Catching up here... Saw the comment from Sister Savage about vocals at last... and YESS! ... I'd been wondering what your vox would be like ... perfect! (even with the restrictions of iphone). Looking forward to when you get reunited with the kit and finish the other tracks... Meanwhile, love the dreamy vibe on this one.

Guest said

LOVE your voice, 80's day dreaming vibe 💖

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Sister Savage said

Ah, at last! Wonderful wistful writing, and love your dreamy vox.

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