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On Another Moon


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This didn’t go as planned… I wrote this song for my wife Nicola while I was away in the UK working in March 2020… I excitedly played it to her from 3,500 miles away over the ether and…. I think she was expecting a ballad rather than a rather proggy track with multi-tracked vocals… The thought was there?!

The bass used on this is my Frankenbass Bitsa - a gift from a great friend - It’s got a Squier Precision body, Northwest Guitars neck and some Japanese pick ups of unknown origin. I re-strung it with some flat wounds and it sounds EPIC!

I’m proud of this one both lyrically and musically - even it it isn’t the tear-jerker Nicola was hoping for!

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dxbisolation said

@andrew - this is pretty much the original but with some radical mixing. The drums sounded like Spector's Wall of Sound' on the original and the balance was all wrong - The piano on the middle 8 now has the dreamy, ethereal feel I wanted too. I would need to write an entirely new song to give her what she expected!!

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Andrew Russe said

Digging the bass.

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Andrew Russe said

Cool track. But does she like it like this? What did you play to her originally? I suspect that creating a second version, closer to what she was expecting would be the safe thing to do.... LOL

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