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An instrumental of a UFO landing on a small country lakeside

Guest said

Great synth line and groove! Im a fan.

Guest said

Now i know how UFO's sound like, so cool...

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spf006 said

Hello Floppists, (couldn't resist the play on the name... no offense intended!) I'm writing to inquire about permission to use your music in a podcast I produce and of which I am technical-director. Its called the IndieBookMan Show and explores independent publishing every week. You can check out past episodes at We're constantly pairing independent artists' music with our interviews and show topics, for which we give verbal/audio credits within the show and also links with your choice of copy on the website for each episode in which your music gets used. Please let me know if we can include you. Keep up the great work, Thanks in advance, Sean P. Finn Technical Director, The IndieBookMan Show

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kirklynch said

Very cool track! Love all the stuff going on in the background

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williamjosephmusic said


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