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Maybe should have saved this for Halloween. Another oldie, this was really just a demo - keyboard, drum machine and voices/effects on a cassette - the whole thing recorded via the built-in mic of a second cassette player. Hi-tech or what ? Although intended as a demo, subsequent attempts just wouldn’t gell, so this became the definitive version. The voices, incidentally, come from a tape of a radio broadcast someone sent me. From clues therein it was probably recorded in the mid-1980s, presumably American in origin.

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Guest said

Can I remix/mash/play with this? Incredible stuff!!

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hojorising said

Very interesting song guys!!!!!! I like it……..

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MF Hot Wheels Spaulding esq said

this is awesome…

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Johnny Stone said

Wow mate you are out there. this is good sick but good.

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