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A Year In Jail 121714 B

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JMT song sung by Jeff Prince

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About "A Year In Jail 122814 Jim" Capo @ 2 in D (E) Dropped D tuning D G Bb A A year in jail can change man You hang on to everything you can Some things just bound to slip away I’m stuck in a cell with I don’t know what Can’t sleep a wink is all I got One foot on the floor, ten cigarettes a day The bang of the gate. The blink of the light All locked up and safe at night Singing in the choir and dreaming I’ll Fly Away Breakfast is stale so I stay in bed Thinkin’ about my mama and what she said But my thots and mama are a thousand miles away G D G Bb A Can’t pull the shade. Can’t shut the door Falling down the stairs from the seventh floor I pump pig iron til I got no more I’m so damn tired I can’t keep score D Weather? There’s no weather. Time? I got plenty of time. G D Laying down tracks, trying to keep it all together G Bb A Soaking up the change…never dropping a dime Some glad morning I will fly away, Some glad morning A year in Jail or maybe two Maybe three. What’s that to you? I’m out of sight so I’ve been out of mind But I’ll be headed home with brand new clothes Shiny shoes and a cleaned up nose Then I’ll take the first job I can find Windows all so dirty and high There’s nothing to look at so I don’t try Cry and cry until my eyes are dry And everything in here is a god damned lie… A move to the farm with a custody bump. A book I found at the prison dump A thousand hens and a thousand eggs a day A pint of blood for a piece of cake A pat on the back for the belts I make… No fence out here but I decide to stay Weather? There’s no weather. Time? I got plenty of time…

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