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Gary Fox

Turn this one up REALLY FREAKING LOUD!

Written, recorded and polished off in about 45 minutes or so. Clearly my British influence shines forth in this one, right down to the SG through a Vox amp tones and backward riffs here and there. (and the high harmonies)

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irok said

The tune The Who forgot to record, i like it :)

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KCsGroove said

great song!
Love the guitars and bass
has a Beatlesque vibe
very much enjoyed!

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Keith Landry said

Oh, hell yes.

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Brett Warren said

very cool, I like this one a lot. Feels natural and carefree but still rocks.

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Keith Landry said

All right… Time for a classic Gary Fox night. Great opening track. Love the driving beat, man… I can’t turn it up loud enough.

Guest said

This song just gets better with every listen!

Guest said

Love this tune! God save the Queen!

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Endicott Road said

Liked this track a lot. Nice harmonies.

Guest said

Thanks for uploading, Gary! There’s definitely more room in my life for a little more Fox! This track is feelgood-fantastic.

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kirklynch said

Oh Yeah- This ROCKS. Love those guitar tones. Makes me wish I still had my old SG

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