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Ok, this one has a journey for its creation. The original riff actually came to me in the heat of late August 2013. I still remember when it came to me. It was in a different key, with a slight different resolution. It felt like a hot summer’s day at the time. But then I just couldn’t get it to go anywhere, so it languished for years. This past summer, I happened to play it again, but at night. It had a totally different feel, spacey almost. By the last few weeks it had presented itself as a big night sky song. Guitar through Leslie speaker chords for the verse cemented that open sense I wanted, and off we went. And yes, I realize that I went for the sound of the night sky and called the whole thing Daylight. I don’t know what to tell you except that we are all just Stardust.

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Anton Samford said

oh maybe i should log in

Guest said

see, if i'd known you were gonna reference "stardust" in the lyrics of multiple songs then that certainly would have been the title I would have suggested. :-D

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Mac McIntyre said

Sodding good album, a February well spent ;)

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Sister Savage said

My favourite on the album - what an anthem! Love it love it!

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KCsGroove said

That guitar over the Leslie sounds great awesome song, Gary! KC

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