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I sometimes get together with friends and we drink too much wine and then we write and record rather raunchy songs just for fun… One of my friends, Sue Winton, said, “Gina, I wish we could record something that I could play for my children.” - So… I took that seriously and I decided to write a song from a mother to her adult children. (Sue has two awesome adult children in their 20’s).

(I started this on New Years Day and just finished it. The mix and production is not finished but good enough for now.)

I showed what I started to Sue and she loved it and I asked her for some of what she would say to them. I took notes and wrote the rest of the song. I hope to get Sue to record it someday because she has a lovely voice and British accent to match.

Here are the lyrics:

the sun goes down on another year
and I look back on everything you’ve done
all of your successes even your mistakes
your lessons learned are always lessons won

so take your time
no need too hurry
I am here for anything you need
take a risk
and don’t you worry
you have endless possibilities
this year

the sun comes up on this brand new year
please be safe but be brave and be kind
look for the good in things - don’t compare yourself
shut out the noise but keep opening your mind

and take your time
no need to hurry
I am here for all your ups or downs
take a risk
and don’t you worry
open up your heart you have no bounds
this year

Time to let go, you are free now
I trust you can stand on your own
you don’t need to worry about me now
I know you’ll always come home

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