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aleatoric dreams


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done back in 2006, in my old dreary toronto apartment (i dislike toronto i think).

i don’t really like it that much, too repetitive, but i need content up, and others have commented on their enjoyment of this particular song.

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Memoir said

Dude, this is awesome. I love the ambiance.

Guest said

I couldn't be more attentive. Please upload more!

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mmi said

You may not like this but I think it's a special track.

Guest said

This song is like a living organism. Great Stuff! Reminds me of a cool breezy afternoon with all my worries completely gone. Close to being in a meditative state.

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ic42 said

many paths. never sure which way the paths will take us. intriguing choice to paint the backdrop with children, and add the rhythms of the chain link fence. sparse, thoughtful, wistful. well written and sung.

Guest said

That last one was me... forgot to login! Good stuff, can't wait to hear more ghost.

Guest said

I can definitely hear the appeal of this track. It paints a very intriguing picture, and there's a lot to listen to throughout.

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