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Coup D état


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Left over audio from “How to Glu”

This one is about power and resistence.. which I find to be quite sexy when I think about it.

Instrumentation: distorted and clean acoustic guitar, swords, tabla, synth, drum programming, clapping, vocals.

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alexisfromtexas said

Yikes. I'm addicted to this. I just think this would be awesome to perform live. The driving beat,the gentle guitar,the bongos. Got to quit now..really..I'm gonna quit.

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alexisfromtexas said

I loved this...started out interested and liking...then chair dancing...then gave in and got up and danced it right...Thanks I needed that.

Guest said

Guitars.....sooooo cool! I just dig this tune! And swords too! What more could you want?!!

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Les said


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brando said

Oh. No wonder this song has been "kicking ass" for so long, it kicks ass. I'm going to go punch Jon Kyl in the back of the head.

Guest said


Guest said

yeah... COOL!!!

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glu said

@ ic42.. I think the hopes of change after a revolution fades out.. so in a way it's kind of a poetic ending.. maybe not though.. maybe it needs to go out with an explosion.. will think about it. Thanks for the comments.. and that goes for all of you! Really appreciate it!

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ic42 said

crunchy steamroller. Delivered with a soft snarl. Great music, especially liked the beauty-break in the middle, falling back into angst for the end. However, there is something ironic about a song entitled coup d'etat, which slowly fades out. :-)

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another cultural landslide said

It's dark, It rocks, - I love it! w;-)

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ShamPain said

nice structure. some cool guitar action in there to Sham

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Johnny Stone said

Oh and I just saw your comment on Homeless thanks mate

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Johnny Stone said

Oh yes dig it nice distortion this is great mate.

Guest said

I click on play and nothing happens??

Guest said

hey kirk... I ran the acoustic through guitar rig.. a few times.

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kirklynch said

Damn this is heavy! What did you run the acoustic through to get that distortion sound?

Guest said

the excessive guitar layering that comes in at the first switch is awesome, and the switch back into the main chord progression sounds great. the percussion going on really helps keep the progression from getting too repetitive...but fade outs aggravate me. :)

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